Beyonce Catches Some Jay ZZZ’s at Esquire North


(image via msnbc)

Esquire North: The New View — Esquire’s self-described ”ultimate bachelor pad” — must really be something to get The New York Post’s Cindy Adams to schlep past 96th street and into the thick of Harlem in order to rant about its magnificence. Adams, who, we cannot fail to note, goes in for authoritarians (Averted Gaze), said of the 4,000 foot triplex on Thursday, ”the girl the bachelor’s trying to play house with should drop down flat.” And, apparently, Beyonce Knowles did just that. From WWD:

”There was one VIP who was able to hold court at the $8.5 million Esquire North triplex apartment before it opened its doors Thursday. Jay-Z took over the space on Sept. 23 to film the video for his new song, ‘American Gangster.’ … His girlfriend Beyonce wasn’t part of the video, but did spend quality time napping in the apartment’s media room …”