BeWrite Books Launches Limitrophe Publishing

The indie publishing house BeWrite Books announced Tuesday that it i now offering a new service under a new imprint, Limitrophe Publishing.

Limitrophe isn’t going to be a competing publishing house. Instead it’s a service that any and all publishers can use to convert their backlist and release it as ebooks. It offers full digital production services so other publishers, agencies, and rights-holders can quickly and easily get their unrealized out-of-print catalog into digital circulation.

BeWrite Books Technical and Design Director Tony Szmuk said, “As our technical and distribution side developed in leaps and bounds, we realized that BeWrite Books – which, with its small editorial team, can effectively release only a dozen to fifteen exclusive new titles a year – had grown too big for its britches. We can use only about 2% of current capacity for BB itself. And there is still much room for that capacity to increase according to demand.”

“So we got to work structuring Limitrophe Publishing. We offer a no-fees, high-royalty arrangement to houses of repute and established agencies who might not yet be fully geared-up to meet the huge new demand for digital reading – especially to those who must cope with large live catalogs and back-lists. And we will process their books perfectly and quickly. The service will not be open to self-publishing operations.”

The new service is live now and BeWrite Books is ready to work with any party, no matter their location. The BeWrite Books team itself is spread all over the world, and they are used to coordinating a diverse array of schedules.