Beware of Geeks bearing gifts?

Our Fishbowl news filter is overflowing with weird techie pronouncements at which we can only offer shrugs and dumbstruck looks. We know they mean something, but…what?Shad-pocket.jpg

Consider, CNET‘s piece today about Intel and the movie studios.

By way of decoding it, Intel first came up with something called Viiv . It rhymes, Intel insist, with “strive” – though let’s be honest, it sounds more like a name for a Dutch hooker with a heart of gold than a Rosetta stone for a digital living room.) Viiv is Intel’s effort to make sure computers can play entertainment as well or better than “dumb” TVs.


But then it also points out that the recruited Hollywood celebs, like Morgan Freeman, on had to tout the new innovation have made this claim before:

“Morgan Freeman said that ClickStar, a joint venture between Intel and Freeman’s production company, would in 2006 release a movie titled “10 Items or Less” to the Internet two weeks after its theatrical release. (Two years ago, during another Otellini CES keynote, Freeman said his company would release a movie to the Net and theaters in 2005 in this manner.)”

Should we be excited? Or dubious? Quell our bewilderment, for we are awash in emotions, O tech nerds!