Sylvester Stallone vs. Suge Knight

Michael Gross’ wonderful new book Unreal Estate, which recounts the sometimes sordid history of sixteen of L.A.’s most luxurious residential compounds, starts off with a bang.

When the author ran into “Roger” on a bluff overlooking gated McMansion community Beverly Park, he already knew the details of resident Sylvester Stallone having thwarted Suge Knight’s efforts to move into a neighboring house around 2001. Based on conversations with the seller of said house and other sources, Gross reports that under cover of the actor’s lawyer and a trust, Stallone swooped in with an all-cash offer that exceeded that of Knight’s by a cool $1 million.

But Gross has yet to verify the additional characterization relayed that day by the Cadillac-driving stranger accompanied by a buxom blonde:

Roger told a good story, which may even be true. It goes like this:

“So next thing, Suge and his posse somehow show up at Sly’s door,” Roger says. “You don’t like black people?” one of them asks Stallone.

“No, assh*le, I don’t like you,” Stallone says. At least according to Roger.

As Gross notes in the book and reconfirmed to FishbowlLA, efforts to get corroboration or denial during the writing of the book from Stallone, Knight, attorney Jake Bloom and realtor Valerie Fitzgerald were unsuccessful. A separate inquiry today by FishbowlLA elicited a “no comment” from Stallone’s publicist. So Roger, if you’re out there, please chime in. Who the heck told you this story?

For more on Gross’ November 1 release, including angry media blowback involving Pomegranate-Fiji Water moguls Stewart and Lynda Resnick, go to his official website.

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