Can Betty Crocker’s Upgraded App Attract a New Generation of Home Cooks?

15,000 recipes, plus interactive checklists

Betty Crocker wants to capture the loyalty of a new generation of home cooks, who have grown up using technology in every aspect of their lives, with a free app for iOS.

The Betty Crocker Cookbook app has been updated to include more than 15,000 recipes in a searchable database. The app lets you check off steps or ingredients as you add them, and it also keeps the screen unlocked so you don't have to keep logging in with messy fingers.

While the app is available now on iOS, an Android version is expected to launch in October. The updated experience overhauls the original app launched in 2009.

The General Mills-owned brand will update the app with seasonal recipes automatically, without requiring users to upgrade. Other features include the ability to adjust recipes or make substitutions on the fly, in the app itself. There is also a custom "chapter" section that gathers favorited recipes together.

"Many remember the affinity their grandmother and mom had for Betty Crocker cookbooks while growing up," said Audra Carson, digital marketing leader for Betty Crocker, in a blog post. "We plan to bring those same memories and successful cooking experience to a new generation, this time on their mobile device."

The original app had almost 3 million downloads, and the brand is hoping to convert many of them to the new format. It is a stand-alone app, rather than an update to the old one, so it will require current users to download the new app separately.

The company also notes that its original Betty Crocker "Big Red" cookbook has sold more than 75 million copies since it was introduced in 1950. The Betty Crocker website has also become a hub for online cooking resources, with more than 12 million visits per month. 

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