Better Know A Media Org: PRSA

prsa_logo_blue_swoosh.gifToday’s organization: Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

About the organization:

The Public Relations Society of America, based in New York City, is the world’s largest organization for public relations professionals…PRSA’s primary objectives are to advance the standards of the public relations profession and to provide members with professional development opportunities through continuing education programs, information exchange forums and research projects conducted on the national and local levels.

Number of members: 32,000

To join, you must:
“Devote a substantial portion of time to the paid professional practice of public relations or to the teaching or administration of a public relations curriculum in an Accredited college or university, and adhere to the  Member Code of Ethics. If you are currently unemployed, a position held within the last five years must meet this criteria.”

You’ll get:
Knowledge base
Health insurance discounts

And for that, you’ll pay:
Regular Member – $225
Associate Member (up to 1 year experience) – $115
Associate Member (1-2 years experience) – $155
Associate Member, PRSSA Graduate – $60
Associate Member, Graduate Student – $60
Retired Member – $50

There is a one-time initiation fee for regular members of $65.

We’ve compiled as many professional organizations as we can find in all the disciplines that mediabistro visitors work in, and will be featuring one a day til we run out. We’re going in alphabetical order so nobody feels slighted, but if we skipped your favorite group by mistake, please let us know.