Better Know A Media Org: NWU

nwu-logo.pngToday’s organization: National Writers Union (NWU)

About the organization:

The National Writers Union is the trade union for freelance and contract writers: journalists, book authors, business and technical writers, web content providers, and poets. With the combined strength of nearly 2,000 members in 16 chapters nationwide, and with the support of the United Automobile Workers (UAW), the Union works to defend the rights and improve the economic and working conditions of all writers.

Number of members:2,000

To join, you must:

You are eligible for membership if you have published a book, a play, three articles, five poems, a short story, or an equal amount of newsletter, publicity, technical, commercial, government, or institutional copy. You are also eligible for membership if you have written an equal amount of unpublished material and are actively writing and attempting to publish your work.

You do not have to live in the United States or be a U.S. citizen to join the NWU. If you write for U.S. publishers, publications, employers, or clients, the NWU welcomes you.

You’ll get:
Contract advice
Job Hotline
Grievance Assistance

And for that, you’ll pay:
Based on your writing income:
Less than $5,000 = Full Year $120 or $67.50 half year
$5,001 – 15,000 = Full Year $195 or $105 half year
$15,001 – 30,000 = Full Year $265 or $140 half year
$30,001 – $45,000 = Full Year $315 or $165 half year
$45,001 and above = Full Year $340 or $177.50 half year

We’ve compiled as many professional organizations as we can find in all the disciplines that mediabistro visitors work in, and will be featuring one a day til we run out. We’re going in alphabetical order so nobody feels slighted, but if we skipped your favorite group by mistake, please let us know.