Bettany Press to Release eBooks First

Bettany Press, a small UK publisher specializing in girls fiction, recently announced that it plans to start publishing digital editions of its titles 6 months or more before the print editions. The first title is available now in the Kindle Store for £3 / $5. Abnormal was written by company director Ju Gosling, who drew on her experiences while doing research for her PhD.

Bettany Press takes the view that ebooks should be priced much cheaper than the price of a comparable print edition. According to Ju Gosling, “I believe that as publishers we need to distinguish much more carefully between ebooks and print, rather than falling into the trap of keeping download prices artificially high. Rather than being a stand-alone product, an ebook is in effect only a single-user licence to access book content electronically. Indeed, book collectors are likely to buy both the ebook to read and the print version to keep if the price is right.”