What’s ‘Not Looking Good’ For NBC’s Betsy Fischer Martin?

Betsy Fischer Martin, Executive Producer for NBC’s “Meet the Press,” did Thursday morning what so many of us have done before: Tweeted something that was never meant to be tweeted.

“Tell them we are not looking good and we don’t want to prevent him from going elsewhere,” the ominous tweet said before it was quickly deleted.

What could it possibly mean?

We went straight to the source for answers. “Glad you are on deleted tweet watch – the world is truly a safer place,” Fischer Martin told FishbowlDC in an email. “It was actually part of something I had in my cut/paste clipboard that I somehow pasted into a tweet on my blackberry. Silly me. Thank goodness it was vague and clean!”

She continued, calling her tweet “a true Washington mystery that will no doubt capture the attention of millions of Fishbowl readers dying to know the meaning of all those pronouns!”

But she didn’t tell us what the message was about or who it was intended for. We’re left to guess that on our own. So here’s our best guesses as to what’s “not looking good” for Fischer Martin…

  • The lineup for Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” It includes Bloomberg View‘s Jonathan Alter, who Fischer Martin would like to replace for a more entertaining guest. Like maybe a box of rocks.
  • Dinner date night for Fischer Martin and her husband Jonathan Martin, who just left Politico for NYT. Jim VandeHei, Jonathan’s now-former boss, wanted to tag along on the date this time to convince Jonathan to come back home to daddy.
  • A potential hire for the “Meet the Press” team, possibly a pool boy (Candelabra style) and they’re being very picky about it. Keith Olbermann, who just really wants to get back into TV, isn’t a good fit.
  • A real possible guest, like James Carville, who since being let go as a contributor at CNN, is left with a great deal more time on his hands.

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