BeTomorrow’s RocketBird Still Flying High on Facebook

RocketBird is a kid-friendly arcade title from BeTomorrow. Originally released for Apple iOS devices, a Facebook version of the game debuted in August 2010 and has since rocketed right on to our weekly rankings lists.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, RocketBird currently has 536,335 monthly active users and 24,257 daily active users.

The premise of RocketBird is nearly all in its title: Players control the flight of a yellow chick with a rocket strapped to its back while attempting to avoid various obstacles. The game is divided into four themed worlds, each with six sub-levels. The goal on each is to fly as far as possible, with a total of one to three stars awarded per level depending on how far the player has gotten.

As the player flies through each level, they begin to travel faster, thus increasing the challenge. Along the way, they must pick up lightning bolts in order to keep from running out of thrust. In later levels, power-ups including warp portals that let players quickly return to their last farthest point in a level and bullet time that allows them to slow down the game to dodge obstacles, are unlocked. These items are awarded to players after posting high scores but can also be purchased.

For social features, RocketBird lets players taunt their friends after posting a new best score. The game features friend and overall leaderboards. There’s also an option to invite friends to play the game.

RocketBird makes use of Facebook Credits for the purchase of additional power-ups. Facebook’s currency can also be used to disable interstitial pop-up ads, which players must wait for a timer to expire in order to bypass, for a price of 10 Facebook Credits for two months.

You can follow RocketBird’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.