Bet on Sports for Free and Win Prizes

pickspalI admit it: I used to be a fantasy baseball guy. That was until I realized there was more to life than pouring over stats of backup utility infielders. Actually, what really happened is that I finally won my league, in turn, losing my desire to play.

PicksPal is hoping some incentives will lure guys like me back into the game. The site is designed for sports fans who want to show off their athletic prowess by guessing the daily winners of national sporting events; football, baseball, basketball, hockey and more. The average Joe gets a chance to out pick their favorite sports talk host or the guy next door.

The concept is simple, with folks picking winners, scoring points and winning prizes. With over $9 million in funding and a former CBS Sportsline exec (armed with a Harvard MBA) at the helm, the site has shown impressive traffic growth. However, it looks soooo Web 1.0.

Why wait for the annual March Madness office pool or to pick a Super Bowl box when you can pick the winners for free every day? Currently, weekly point winners walk away with $350 worth of sports memorabilia.

Track live scores, injury updates and weather conditions too to make sure you’re in the game.

The Video Vault feature delivers videos from “experts” who are not “handicappers” or “odds makers” – but they are sure to appeal to those who bet on the game for real. We like our real money too much so we’ll stick with the whole fantasy thing.