Best Use Of Facebook: Taunting The Cops

The best thing to do after you break out of jail is to set up a Facebook profile to taunt the police. That’s exactly what “Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch” has become infamous for over the past three months. Craig broke out of jail in early September and has been taunting cops since then. Now Craig is even doing interviews with journalists and his popularity has hit a new level with numerous media outlets covering the story. One would assume that cops are getting even more aggressive in tracking down the criminal.

Craig Lynch is now updating his Facebook Page multiple times a day. Given that Facebook has worked with authorities in the past, I’d imagine that it’s only a matter of time before Craig Lynch gets caught. At this point the authorities are in hot pursuit of Lynch and there’s a good chance that he’ll be caught in a matter of days. Then again, Craig may understand technology better than we’d expect and is avoiding leaving any tracks.

Craig’s popularity has surged in the past few hours alone and he’s eating it up. One of his latest updates reads:

i’m messaging you all to tell you to check out channel 5 news uk at 19.30 uk time i just gave them an exclusive phone interview so all you supporters and HATERS out there tune in thank you all love your favourite facebook fugitive Lazie

He also spent most of Sunday interacting with his Facebook fans. He also appears to be going on dates with women based on the status updates posted by Gawker. Despite running from the law, it appears as though Craig is enjoying himself. How he’s paying for everything, I have no idea. Given that he’s a convicted burglar, one would only expect him to be doing the same thing to pay for his current lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how long Craig can avoid the police.

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