Best Quotes from the Sunday Shows – 6.15.14

Topics of conversation on yesterday’s Sunday Shows ranged from the defeat of Eric Cantor in Tuesday’s Virginia primary to U.S. military involvement in Iraq to Father’s Day. Here are your top quotes from Sunday’s public affairs programming.

Asked whether his primary upset was surprising on ABC’s “This Week,” Rep. Eric Cantor said, “Absolutely…I don’t think anybody in the country thought that the outcome would be what it was. And, you know, I just am a believer, as I said that night, and subsequently, that there are some things that happen for a reason and we may not be able to really discern it now and given the perspective of time, I think we’re going to be able to look back at this, and what seemed really bad at the time may turn out to be really good.”

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” what it was like in the moment he realized he’d be defeated, Cantor said, “Well, you know, I was with my family. And it’s very comforting, as you know, if you have a strong family. I have a wonderful wife of 25 years, three wonderful kids, two of whom were with me…And I told them, I said, look, dad is going to lose. And I actually called my son who works up in New York and I told him. He said, you’re kidding. And I said, no, I’m really not. He said, you’re kidding. I said, no. I said, look, but things happen for a reason.”

Asked how divided the Republican Party is on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said, “I don’t think it’s divided at all. I mean I think you have — you have districts that are eighty-five percent Republican and more than one Republican wants to be congressman and in some cases more than one person wants to be a senator. And so, you know, I think in the regard to the Cantor issue. I think Tom Price had it right this past week when he said, look, when — when you’re trying to be a majority leader and — and Eric did a great job of it. But it takes you all over this country, takes you out of your district. And pretty soon that good work you’re doing nationally becomes a liability locally. And I think it’s a local issue. I mean we all know what Tip O’Neill had to say about local politics.”

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” with David Gregory, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney on whether the U.S. should sign a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq: “David, I actually ran for president in 2012 and made it very, very clear that I thought we should’ve signed a Status of Forces Agreement, consistent with what President Bush said a long time ago, that we should have an ongoing presence. Not a massive military presence, but 10,000 or 20,000 troops to provide the training and the intelligence resources that Iraq would need to keep things like this from happening.”

Closing out “FOX News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, actor Robert De Niro spoke about a collection of paintings by his late father and his HBO documentary “Remembering the Artist” : “It’s my responsibility to protect his legacy and to make sure that people are aware of it, and to keep it alive, as it will be with my own children.”


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