Best of the Worst

This week we received a boatload of crap reaction to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Rear end, Wis.) discussing what he calls first lady Michelle Obama‘s “large posterior” or “big butt”. He used both phrases, each in different settings. Ironically he used “large posterior” while talking loudly on his cell phone in a lounge at Reagan National Airport. He said “big butt” at a church bazaar to elderly people. What can we say, Sensenbrenner, clearly an ass man, likes to mix it up.

The anonymous reactions poured in and we’d like to take this time around the warmth of the holidays to share some with you. We’re calling it our “Best of the Worst” list because some are truly filthy and despicable. Enjoy!

  • “The tongue is a terrible weapon, and only repeats what is in the heart.  Strange that hius [sic] remarks was [sic] at a church auction.  He needs prayer, and GOD in his life?”
  • “You should  be ashamed of yourself for critiquing the first lady’s rear.”
  • “This congressman should be ashamed of himself. Ignorance is bliss.  He looks extremely overweight!”
  • “Rep Sensenbrenner did you ever look at your double chin!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “We are a primarily vegan family who drink milk and eat fish. We also exercise as much as we want. I’d like for her to pick another project like “How to Live Within Your Means Without Sinking the Country. How likely is she to do that? I yearn for Laura Bush, if not her husband. Laura was a lady.”
  • “And so what if he did say she had a fat ass? Isn’t this still America?”
  • “Fat, dumpy #Sensenbrenner needs glasses & mirror //1st lady totally hot!”
  • “Michele ‘Mooche’ Obama has a disgusting figure. Huge ass with hail damage.”
  • “Mrs. Obama should have to make ‘beep, beep’ sounds when she walks backwards.”
  • “Libs suck green donkey  dicks.”
  • “She does have a fat ass. I’m glad you f-tards got to the bottom of this scandal.”
  • “Advice To Sensenbrenner – Most men don’t even talk about their OWN wife’s ‘derriere’ in public never mind ANOTHER man’s wife!”