Best Of The Pool Reports, June Edition

As promised, here’s June’s Best White House Pool Reports.

  • “Motorcade left the site at 7:07 p.m. EST (6:07 p.m. local), arrived at Air Force One about 15 minutes later, we were wheels up a few minutes after that and landed at Andrews at 8:55 p.m. No one came back to chat. No Elvis movies were shown.” — Peter Baker, Washington Post

  • “For the record, yes, your pool was wearing sunglasses, but they were prescription and he did not have time to dig out regular specs when he was being hurried over to the VFW Hall from the press van. He briefly took them off during potus remarks so as not to cause another presidential moment, but then could not see anything, which would have hindered his ability to deliver this report.” — Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

  • “Koizumi summed up his nation’s policy toward the US in the first English song he memorized in his youth. An Elvis tune ‘I want you. I need you. I love you.’ He also recalled his first meeting with POTUS, and a game of catch they played at Camp David.” — Peter Urban, MediaNews

  • “Contrary to what was anticipicated in the pool report at take-off, we never saw Shrek II, but, having seen Pocahontas, I wish we had seen Shrek instead. The agents in the cabin ahead of us watched King Kong, a repeat on AF One also preferable to Pocahontas.
    We also saw that Harrison Ford film about his family getting kidnapped and Ford getting them back.” — Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune

  • “Poolers did spot Andrew Card who rode back on Air Force One and asked for the duffle bag story. The gist is this, all paraphrased from Card: when Card attended from June 1966 to August 1967, there was lots of hazing at Kings Point and lots of rules for plebes. … So one night, somebody came back in his room, pulled him out of bed, stuffed him in a duffle bag and dragged him outside. He had no idea where they were going but heard someone say something like, you’re going to put him on the flagpole? ‘Yes, I was scared,’ Card said. ‘I’m sure they didn’t take me to the top but I felt as if they did,’ Card said. They brought him down and everyone was laughing. … Several poolers heard this, and this pooler has it on tape, along with the whole explanation paraphrased above, if anyone wants it.” — Craig Gordon, Newsday

  • “POTUS’s last event was in the embassy/palace ballroom — a marble-clad wonder unlike any Marriott you’ve ever seen. Chandeliers were small, gold-plated doors were big. Ornate tiles on the ceiling and exotic red rugs on the walls. Oh, and an espresso bar complete with frappuccinos on the menu. Guess that wasn’t there when Saddam owned the joint.” — Richard Wolffe, Newsweek

  • “Cowpoke Karl, wearing a Rovian business suit with blue shirt open at the collar and sans bolo tie, is making small-talk with a sasparilla in one hand.” –- Silva
  • “The President seemed to cut off his second standing ovation when he was introduced, perhaps to tamp down any appearance of triumphalism.” — John McKinnon, Wall Street Journal
  • “It was OTR madness in Laredo … It’s very hot here, by the way.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle