Best Obituary Ever

Sometimes, a newspaper obituary just writes itself. From the Telegraph‘s obituary for the late German artist Jorg Immendorff, a controversial painter whose work graces the Saatchi Gallery:

In what became known as the Orgy of the Year, Immendorff was discovered naked having his nipples licked by a retinue of seven young filles de joie, while 11 grams of cocaine lay ready for consumption on a Versace ashtray nearby. Notwithstanding his exotic private life — he had also been a luminary of Dusseldorf’s sadomasochistic scene — Immendorff was regarded by many critics as an original and vigorous artist of great complexity. … Caught in a 1,100-a-night suite at the Steigenberger Park Hotel, Dusseldorf, with seven naked young call-girls and several lines of cocaine, Immendorff was being hustled away by police while still more prostitutes were arriving.

Immendorff died after a long struggle with ALS and tried to continue painting into his last years by directing his assistants from his wheelchair. Only the Telegraph buried that in the third-to-last graf, instead preferring to talk (understandably) about the orgy.


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