Here Are The Best-Loved Businesses On Twitter In 2012

Twitter offers lots of great intel. Beyond the business basics like figuring out the best times to post on Twitter, there’s fun stuff like figuring out which books to buy for your friends based on their tweet data.

And now Topsy takes it to the next level: revealing which businesses we loved the bestest in 2012. Businesses take note.

This is great info to keep in mind as your business charges into 2013.

Topsy released somes snazzy graphs today sharing the sentiment shared on Twitter spanning several major business industries, including: Media & Entertainment, Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Quick-service restaurants, Health, Auto, Nonprofits, Alcohol, Travel, Tech, and Consumer-packaged goods.

The Twitter snapshots show the top ten businesses or brands and their share of the Twitterverse (mentions across the entire year) as well as their social sentiment score, “with events that caused particular spikes highlighted.”

How did they come up with the sentiment score? “Topsy analyzes about 200 million English-language tweets each day, computes minute-by-minute sentiment for every term in every tweet, and creates scaled scores for all terms, such as the brands and businesses listed here. The scores range from 0 (negative) to 100 (positive), with 50 as neutral.”

Check out the Finance industry below (the result isn’t surprising based on American Express’ partnership with Twitter) and then visit their blog to view the rest. Did your business make the list?

(Love image from Shutterstock)