Best Headline Ever

There aren’t that many people who get asked in an interview whether they’re the Anti-Christ. You can add Bob Novak to that list now.

The Hill’s Betsy Rothstein recently sat down with Novak for a short profile, and offers up a classic description of the “Prince of Darkness”:

“Novak’s office on Pennsylvania Avenue a few blocks from the White House suits him. The lobby is elegant, but the office is not. It’s small, cramped, disheveled. Its resident looks as though he’s just blown in from a gale, even though the day is sunny and clear. His white hair is in perpetual motion, with a tuft flying about. His extra-bushy eyebrows are at odds–one up, one down.

“Novak, 75, in black trousers, a white button-down shirt and black suspenders over an ample gut, says, ‘I don’t do any exercise. None. I don’t like to exercise. I don’t think it’s necessary. A lot of people think it’s necessary. I think it shortens their lives. It’s one of the problems with the world today. People spend too much time exercising and not enough time thinking.'”

So there you have it: Spending time on the treadmill is bad for you. On the other hand, think of how much worse it would be for you to see Novak in spandex on the ellipticals next to you at Washington Sports Club (although he’s probably more The Sports Club/LA type anyhow).

And, for the record, Novak denies being the Antichrist.