Best Free VPN Services to Access Blocked Services Like Hulu, Twitter and Facebook

Once again I want to give you some tips how to access blocked websites or services online, this time using VPN services available for free. I see that many of you have trouble accessing sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn at school or workplace and that’s why we covered previously some proxy services to help you deal with these problems. VPN Services also helps to deal with country restrictions by service providers – Hulu for example – using VPN you can access to this service from anywhere.

If proxy don’t work for you or you feel it’s not the solution you like to use – try Virtual private network services (VPN). Other great advantage of using VPN is hiding your personal information online. VPN services hide your real IP address and encrypts transferred data so you can be sure nobody tracks your activities online.

So here are some of the best and free VPN services available today:

AlonWeb – Free VPN service

alonweb Choosing AlonWeb you get almost premium service absolutely for free. All your traffic is encrypted and compressed using this service so there is no need to worry about privacy. Check out also premium version with VoIP support and no traffic limits.

Hotspot Shield

hotspot No doubt Hotspot Shield is most popular VPN service right now and many users trust this software. It has it’s downside too – some of websites (Hulu for example) are fighting to block users who use Hotspot service. But anyway it is a great soft and you can defiantly try it out. Hotspot Shield have support Windows 200/XP/Vista and Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard.


gpass GPass also is a great solution for anonymous web surfing and accessing blocked websites and services. It has support for streaming audio/videos, email, instant messaging, download managers encrypted socks tunnels and backup tunnels using Skype and Tor


ultravpn UltraVPN is a VPN service based on OpenVPN. This soft gives you possibility to use VoIP software like Skype, connect to MSN if it’s blocked and use Hulu for example or other services restricted to US users only. Of course you get total privacy as using other VPN services.


CyberGhost CyberGhost gives you 1GB of traffic/month with free account and up to 40 GB with premium accounts. Premium accounts have also speed guarantees which can be very important for people transferring a lot of data.

Share your experience and techniques of accessing blocked services, websites in comments below – our readers will appreciate it!