Best Fine Point iPad Stylus for Writers and Artists

In 2013, we shared one of our favorite stylus, the TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus, and got some great feedback from some of our readers. Today, we’d like to tell you that the makers of the same stylus is finishing a Kickstarter campaign with another great product – an iPad stylus with a 2.4 mm fine rubber tip. The pen-like stylus comes in two colors and works with all iPads, including the new iPad Air.

In the video below, you can see a demo of the new product in some very popular notetaking apps. The tiny tip is great for writers who don’t like using styluses with clear plastic capacitive tips. The thin edge is a natural transition from pen to stylus and allows you to see what you are sketching or writing.

Each stylus ($49) comes with a Kickstarter carrying case or levitating stand ($60). The Truglide Apex uses batteries, so if you choose to invest, you might want to consider finding rechargeable options. At this time, the Truglide Apex does not offer full support for all Android tablets, but if you have a favorite, please share it with us below. Tell us what stylus you prefer, which tablet you use, and what you like to use it for.