The Best Facebook Page Strategies and the Pages That Use Them

The following is an excerpt from the Facebook Marketing Bible, the comprehensive guide to marketing your company, app, or brand on Facebook. The full version of this article includes instructions as to how each of these strategies can be implemented by any Page.

How does a Page attract new fans and convert existing fans into valuable customers? Many Page admins assume if they follow the vague social media catch phrase of “Engage your users”, they’ll quickly begin to accrue Likes and make money. In reality, there is a great deal of nuance to creating a successful Page. While each must tailor itself to its target demographic, below we outline three specific strategies which Pages can employ, with detailed examples of how they’ve been used by some of the biggest Pages on Facebook.

Tab Applications

Tab applications allow Pages to run flash or display other types of rich content to users. Through creative use of tab applications, Pages can encourage Liking, run contests, solicit content contribution, present games and provide a more dynamic experience for users. Reordering tabs and setting default landing tabs help keep Pages fresh. Most importantly, by replicating or refining the functionality of an external website in a tab app, admins can create valuable standalone Page users will want to share with friends.

Best Use of Tab Apps – YouTube

The YouTube Page’s Top Videos, Life In A Day, and YouTube Play tabs are all great examples of how a Facebook Page can be more than info and the wall.

The Top Videos tab distills the enormous range of choices on it’s website into an immediately compelling video discovery experience. Set as its default landing tab, users first see large video players for two of the most popular videos on YouTube, followed by a search bar and selections of popular videos from various categories. Instead of copying the YouTube home page which displays multitudes of registration options and video thumbnails which can cause decision paralysis, Top Videos presents a smaller set of choices designed to get users watching and enjoying YouTube as quickly as possible.

Life In A Day originally asked users to submit videos of moments from their lives, inviting them to join a project which could show their footage to the world. Now, visitors can search or spin the beautifully rendered globe to find pieces of the video collage which make YouTube’s world-wide user base seem more like an interconnected community. The YouTube Play tab presents a collection of jury-selected creative videos from a collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum. This curated experience makes it easy to find high-quality, artful content.

Instead of having a low content landing page dedicated to pushing users to Like the Page, YouTube added a small banner stating “Like YouTube” with an arrow pointing to the button at the top of each of their tab apps. By showing the best of its site’s content, getting users involved, and creatively driving Likes, YouTube has become the 5th largest Page on Facebook with 25,437,451 Likes and our pick for the best use of tab applications.

Community-Focused Page

Fans who feel like they are part of a community and have a stake in a brand become loyal supporters and evangelists. Pages can foster this feeling by allowing fans to do more than just Like and comment on broadcasted updates, such as by setting a Page’s wall tab to show user posts, allowing users to add photos and videos, and highlighting user content in Page updates, tabs, and the profile picture. A community-focused Page can serve as a great alternative to institutional advertising for brands which don’t need to explain much about themselves, like simple consumer products.

Best Community-Focused Page – Coca-Cola

Coke makes it clear to Facebook users in its “House Rules” tab, “This is your Fan Page and we encourage you to leave comments, photos, videos, and links here. However, we will review all comments and will remove any that are innapropriate or offensive.” The Page’s default landing tab is the wall which displays user posts, and it uses it’s About Me section to link to the House Rules tab which describes its moderation policy.

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