Brothers Lock Onto LA for Latest ‘Best Coffee’ App

After conquering the java WiFi worlds of London, New York, and San Francisco, the “Best Coffee” iPhone-Android app is due to power up in LA next month. The software is the work of brothers Derek and Mark Lamberton, originally from DC but now based in England.

LA Weekly contributor Margy Rochlin caught up with the 23-year-old Mark for a brief Q&A. He explains how the 99-cent app came about organically last summer while his 33-year-old sibling was performing some media work:

Derek had been doing web-producing and a lot of new media for National Geographic and Current TV and that included apps. He’s a coffee geek himself and he noticed just how many independent cafes there were in London but how few people knew more than just a few of them -but that everyone had a different list. So he began visiting these places and the idea just came to him: Why not create an app that brings it all together?

Mark presently also works as a barista in South London and predicts that the LA coffee shop scene is due for an imminent giant leap forward.