Best Buy Brochure Tells Nokia WiMax Secret

Best Buy apparently scooped everyone by including a picture of the as-yet-unannounced Nokia N830 WiMax-equipped Internet tablet in its February Mobile Buyer’s Guide, according to InformationWeek.

Nokia admitted last year that the WiMax-enabled tablet was coming, but has been mum on the subject since then, InformationWeek says. Until, as the article puts it, Best Buy spilled the beans.

It also speculates about a potential relationship between the Nokia tablet and one operator’s public plans for WiMax-equipped CE devices. “For the device to appear in an ad from Best Buy falls in line with what has been made public about Sprint’s WiMax devices and their availability to consumers,” the article says.

Nothing about any of the upcoming Sprint devices or who’s building them has been made public yet, however.