Best Bands Application on Facebook

MyBandsReverbNation just hit the nail on the head with their new application. They have made a simple and sleek application that enables band members to place all of their band’s music, shows, members and more directly on their profile. This is honestly the best band implementation I have seen so far. It is also genius how they have implemented it. The biggest challenge in launching a bands application is getting enough bands to fill a directory. This way, no directory needs to be filled. All of the bands are promoted on their own profiles. The next most challenging component of launching will be informing bands of the application. Artists are allowed to upload unlimited songs to their profile so that should make everything much easier. I spoke with the ReverbNation people a few weeks back and they told me that they were dedicating their entire development team to Facebook application development. It has definitely paid off. It looks like there is going to be a battle of the band applications soon. Numair Faraz’s Audio application (which is soon adding band features as mentioned in my previous interview with him) and ReverbNation’s application. If you have a band and want to promote it on Facebook, go grab the My Band application.