Best App for Windows Phone 7: Microsoft OneNote mobile – Here's Why…

My pick for best Windows Phone 7 app might be considered a “ringer” by some people because it is a pre-installed app provided by Microsoft itself: OneNote mobile. OneNote mobile is part of Windows Phone 7’s Office mobile suite. I picked it as one of my early favorites soon after receiving using an HTC HD7 on a daily basis as my primary phone.

Windows Phone 7: OneNote rocks; SkyDrive vs. SharePoint (Nov. 9, 2010)

OneNote mobile points out several interesting aspects about Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft’s overall mobile strategy:

1. Windows Phone really does provide instant access to productivity tools right out of the box. The inclusion of Office mobile components in general, and OneNote in particular is a big win for anyone who starts using a Windows Phone. OneNote is particularly important since EverNote (my favorite mobile note taking app and service) is not available for Windows Phone.

2. OneNote mobile syncs easily with the web-based Office Live documents living in Microsoft’s SkyDrive free online storage service. Despite having OneNote installed in Windows 7, I’ve been using the web version of OneNote exclusively with OneNote mobile. An added bonus is that the cloud version of OneNote is useable on a Mac.

3. OneNote mobile’s sync model is very different from EverNote. One won’t say that one model is superior to the other. However, each model provides a different appeal depending on how your work. OneNote assumes it is disconnected. This means that if you see a note title on your phone, the content is there too. It does not depend on network connectivity or availability of OneNote on your PC or in the cloud.

OneNote mobile does not provide all the features or flexibility of EverNote. However, its simplicity has a certain appeal and definite ease of use. You should definitely set up a free Office Live and SkyDrive account up if you plan to use OneNote mobile to provide backup and a full keyboard for long form editing on a desktop PC (or even a Mac).