Facebook Chooses Your Best Defining Moments Of 2010

What a feat: Narrowing down thousands of responses to the call for best defining moments on Facebook in 2010. Here are five of the most heartwarming ones.

The results are in: Facebook has culled the five best responses to its request for everyone to share their best moments of 2010 involving the social network.

Narrowing it down to a just five weekdays worth of posts is a huge task given how many people responded to the request for best defining moments. However, a spokesperson for the site qualified that they may substitute other responses depending on what else comes in. Yes, that means there’s still time to submit your own contribution to this nifty spin on a year in review.

Meanwhile, here are the five most compelling tales that Facebook chose from the response list, excerpted in status-update size:

Steve Driffin: “…After 40 years and several failed attempts through other sites, I was able to find my brother who was separated from us as an infant. We connected and have spent so much time together since reuniting in February 2010, it seems like we were never apart…”

Irena Glover: “My husband almost running to log into Facebook to change our relationship statuses to ‘Married.’ We met through Facebook and both never imagined finding a spouse that way. But we did and I’ve never been happier…”

Marianne Meehan: “I want to express my sincere gratitude for FB! I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in April 2010. This was a very terrifying experience for me. But here I stand, in total remission. I have reconnected with some old friends and The Pink Sisterhood. They have inspired me, loved me & kept my spirits high…”

Mari Eaton McCullough: “December 14, 2009, my son left for MarineCorps boot camp at Parris Island and over the 13 weeks of boot I met a number of parents whose boys were in the same training. We all hooked up on Facebook and have developed a never-ending friendship… If it wasn’t for FB I do not know how I would survive…”

Marsha Steed Keller: “Ah, that would be announcing the birth of my grandson who was two weeks overdue. Watching others respond, being able to immediately post photos and allowing my sons who are far from home [to] be a part of the event was a joy…”