BeSewStylish When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

SewStylish_cover_no1.jpg This brand-new magazine now has a blog. It’s not exactly like New York Times writer Cathy Horyn‘s weblog, but that’s ok. The BeSewStylish blog is filled with all sorts of tips that might make sewing easy if you’re so inclined. I liked the tip about taking an Altoids tin and using that as a way to sew a circle on your sewing machine. I’m not sure when I’ll use this trick, but it’s still nice to know. We also like that there’s another sewing-related magazine on the racks besides the somewhat complicated Threads, which can be a little intimidating when you’re just learning how to thread a bobbin for heaven’s sake. We’re pretty sure Steve doesn’t care about this kind of stuff, but there are plenty of guys stitching their own attire for Civil War re-enactments and Ren Fairs. This writer knows because she’s met ’em! On that note, this scribe is taking a crafty break tonight with her mother at the Windy City Knitting Guild, but not before quaffing Guinness Draught to celebrate Fat Tuesday!