Bernie Weinraub’s Farewell Party, A One-Act Play

From LAObserved (I added the bold-face):

The New York Times bureau had its “So long!” party for the departing Bernard Weinraub last night. Someone who was there said the cocktail soiree, held at bureau chief John Broder’s Westwood home, drew a mix of Hollywood and NYT names. Making the trip from New York were said to be culture editor Jonathan Landsman, columnist Maureen Dowd, business writer Geraldine Fabrikant and movie editor Michael Cieply. The Hollywood figures included Brian Grazer and his wife Gigi Levangie Grazer, Nora Ephron and Nick Pileggi, Donald Deline of Paramount, Jeff Berg of ICM and producers at Sony Lucy Fischer and Doug Wick. Weinraub’s wife, of course, is studio topper Amy Pascal. A select group reportedly adjourned to the Weinraub-Pascal’s for dinner afterward.

Scene 1. John Broder’s living room. BRIAN GRAZER huddles in a corner with MAUREEN DOWD. Grazer gesticulates wildly. Dowd looks bored.

GRAZER: …then I said, “you call this craft services? I wouldn’t feed this to my maid.” So on ‘Cat In The Hat’, we used a different caterer.

DOWD: Uh-huh. Will you excuse me for a moment?

GRAZER: Sure, sure. I’ll see you at the after-party, right?

DOWD: After-party?

GRAZER: At Amy’s. I mean, Amy’s and Bernie’s.

A pause.

GRAZER: Oh. I’m sorry. I just assumed– It’s really for, you know, their close friends.

DOWD: I took the goddamn redeye out. You think he’d show some respect.

GRAZER: You wouldn’t like it anyway. Hollywood people.

Dowd stomps off towards the bar.