Bernie Sanders Is the Most Reblogged 2016 Candidate on Tumblr

Only POTUS got reblogged more.

While leaves continue to (rather slowly) fall off of trees and our seasonal vegetable options diminish, there is one crop just beginning to come into maturity: lists of 2015’s best/worst/most/least this-and-thats.

Tumblr‘s 2015 Year in Review collection includes a list of the most reblogged politicians on its site. While POTUS himself takes the number one spot, Bernie Sanders is the most reblogged presidential candidate, and is the second most reblogged politician overall, followed by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Sanders camp’s social media savvy has been an ongoing story since the summer, from his campaign’s use of various platforms to his ability to outperform his debate rivals on social.

The high point for Sanders reblogs came in October, following the Oct. 13 CNN Democratic debate and the pitch-perfect parody of the candidate by Larry David on SNL, according to a Tumblr spokesperson.

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