Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Victims Include Mort Zuckerman

As if newspapers didn’t have enough to worry about already! Probably by now you’re at least somewhat aware of Bernie Madoff — he may have got a little lost in all the Blago of last week but some background here — he’s the Wall St. investor to billionaires whose recent arrest due to a “brazen” Ponzi scheme has shocked Wall Street (though, really, at this point one wonders at Wall Street being shockable). On a side note: here’s some background on who exactly Ponzi was to begin with. Anyway, looks like among the long list of people who are going to get screwed by Madoff, a list which tangentially includes Steven Spielberg and the New York Mets, is New York Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman (place your bets now on tomorrow’s NYP headline).Per today’s WSJ:

Mr. Zuckerman, the chairman of real-estate firm Boston Properties and owner of the New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, had significant exposure through a fund that invested substantially all of its assets with Mr. Madoff, according to a person familiar with his investments. A spokesman for Mr. Zuckerman declined to comment.

UPDATE: Looks like it was charity money and not Zuckerman’s personal fortune that was affected.