Berke Shuffles NYT National Desk; Lehmann To Yahoo News

A New York Observer article compiles and scrutinizes the changes taking place at the New York Times’s national desk under new editor Rick Berke:

It’s standard practice for a new department head to assemble his own team. But the fact that Mr. Berke is on the verge of replacing roughly half the editors on the national desk less than a month after he was named editor—he hasn’t even formally started the job yet—is notable for a newsroom that has had so little movement in recent years.

The Observer also tells us that Chris Lehmann, editor of Bookforum, and blogger Brett Michael Dykes are going to Yahoo News.

Mike Sandler, an associate editor at The Hill, will step into the job of editor at the Associated Press. (FishbowlDC)

And we owe you a correction from yesterday: A Gannett spokeswoman told Romenesko that, in fact, there will not be furloughs for Gannett employees in the second quarter.