This American Millennial Is Reporting From Vietnam

A native of Maryland and a journalist of the world.

It appears that Bennett Murray is a chip off the old block.

Murray, 27, is the son of political scientist and author Charles Murray, whose books have been credited for such lofty legacies as helping bring about the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. Since January, Bennett has been stationed in Vietnam as a correspondent for the Berlin-based German Press Agency (a.k.a. the Deutsch Presse-Agenteur). He was home earlier this summer in Burkittsville, Md., where he spoke to the Frederick News Post:

“The hardest thing I encounter is when people think I have the power to help them,” Murray said.

He spoke of how some people see him as a “foreign white guy,” dressed well, carrying a laptop, and they think that he can help them with the country’s issues.

“They’ll say: ‘tell the UN this,’ or ‘tell Obama that,’” he explained, mentioning that they don’t realize that he has no power to do so.

Murray’s contract with the agency ends in January, at which point he says he might try to work in Myanmar. This talented young man, who writes from Vietnam in English, is a graduate of Earlham College in Indiana.