Benjamin Moore Prank Makes Painting the Scariest Job in the World

My father is a painting contractor, and while I’ve heard him describe his job in many different ways over my lifetime, “the scariest job in the world” wasn’t ever one of them.

Sure, he often finds himself up on tall ladders, traversing peaked roofs, battling hornets’ nests, and sometimes having to use horrific colors like “baby chick yellow” and “lime tart green” against his better judgement, but the scariest job in the world? That might be a bit of a stretch.

Until now.

To promote its new Ultra Spec 500 paint, which is supposed to do a “scary good job” “scary fast,” Benjamin Moore lured some unsuspecting painting contractors into working on a creepy hotel, fully rigged with fabricated hauntings, special effects and hidden cameras. The result (below) is a humorously successful Halloween prank made funnier by the contractors’ genuinely terrified reactions (I can tell the contractors’ reactions are genuine based solely on the number of bleeped-out swears. If growing up around construction sites has taught me anything, it’s that contractors, by trade, swear. A lot. As might their otherwise ladylike daughters…)

Enjoy the *bleeping* creepy video, and Happy Friday!