Benefits Beyond the Great Hand-Eye Coordination

Just this weekend, we were reading that Chuck Klosterman essay in Esquire, titled something to the effect of “Why Aren’t There Any Lester Bangs’ In Video Games?” which was all about the lack of real video game critics, just product reviewers. It was an interesting read, and although not directly related to this, it was a nice follow-up in seeing the game design industry growing up a bit. It’s the Games for Change Conference going on later this month (June 27-28, at the New School in New York). The event will talk about designing video games that have some social statement or make people think, instead of just blowing things up (though, to be fair, we’d imagine that there is some benefit to seeing things explode for future firemen and demolition experts). The conference will show off games that are fitting this mold, have a batch of lectures and discussions, and their scheduled keynotes are Bob Kerrey and Steven Johnson, the author of that book we keep meaning to read, “Everything Bad is Good for You.” Should be cool. Drop us a line if you wind up attending. We’d love to hear all about it.