Bend It Like…the Original from 1966


So apparently this writer is more into sports than he let on yesterday, because lo and behold, here is another post that is in reference them. But again, like yesterday, there is a point to the reference, and that point is design. From the fairly new site 30gms, we read a post with a few links about England’s football team having just revealed their new look. It’s based on a terrific design from 1966. We tend to like originals far better than their newer counterparts, mostly because we fear change, and although this case is no different, we still like the new look and wish it well. Here’s a bit:

The new kit has been inspired by the classic 1966 design, featuring a red shirt, white shorts and red socks. The England crest echoes the 66 crest and is therefore larger than more recent shirts and has a gold outline, matching the gold numbering and lettering on the kit. Let’s hope that by utilising the 1966 design elements brings the team luck in 98 days time.