Ben Smith Vs. Howie Kurtz: The War Begins

The fight begins anew between old media and new. In one of his first acts in his newly launched capacity as a political and media blogger, Politico‘s Ben Smith calls out The Daily Beast/Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz for self-pimping. Howie, meanwhile, explains what the rest of the Twitterverse does ad nauseum — that RT’s do not equal endorsements. Blah blah and more blah.

Kurtz: “Thanks” MT @knightofgood “@HowardKurtz should win award-Best morning show seen in yrs. HK- only one to confront Politico. Great questioning.”

Smith: “@HowardKurtz Did I read that RT of yours right? That you agree you should win an award for ‘confronting’ news reporting?”

Kurtz: “No awards, @benpolitico. I just ask questions. RT doesn’t imply endorsement.”

For this, we offer Howie these men’s costume gangster/pimp/disco platform shoes. Price tag: $43.99.

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