Ben Shapiro On ‘Pro-abortion’ Feminists and the Men Who Love Them

Women, columnist Ben Shapiro has a message for you — if a guy is only interested in you because you’re a “pro-abortion” feminist, well then that’s just… nasty.

Such men probably only exist in Shapiro’s mind—a mind that, if it’s like many of his conservative buddies, seems a little too obsessed with women’s reproductive parts. This tweet is amazing for several reasons, the least of all being it’s fantastic depth of stupidity.

Shapiro manages to not just disparage women and pro-choicers in less than 140 characters, but men at the same time, all the while blaming the women he so obviously despises for what he sees as “gross” behavior by some weird men. Because… women have control over what other men do? It’d be fascinating if it weren’t so vile.

And  #brochoice, as stupid as the name sounds, actually refers to a men’s campaign by Choice USA that began with idea that maybe other men like Shapiro don’t know everything there is to know about women’s reproductive parts, despite the aforementioned apparent obsession.

The responses to Shapiro’s tweet say it all…

Freelance journalist Michael Catalono: “Do you realize how gross it is when you talk?”

Musician Theodore F. Leo: “Youuuu… don’t actually know any feminists… or men… or anything about sex… or life. Do you.”

Thought Catalog’s Emil Caillaux“Congratulations on insulting women AND bringing men to their lowest. That takes some skills, Shapiro. But I guess it shows.”

First place, however, goes to freelance writer and former new media manager at Emily’s List, Lisa McIntire: “Marry me.”

Sounds like a good offer, Ben. Might want to take her up on it.

(Before you start sending us Anonymous Tips pointing out that we only picked the opposing responses to Shapiro’s tweet, we couldn’t find any that were supportive — out of more than a 100. If you see one, let us know.)