Ben Shapiro: ‘Donald Trump Is a Smoking Garbage Heap of Human Debris’

The former Breitbart editor at large defends Michelle Fields.

If things had gone as originally planned last night on Fox News, the network would have had back-to-back shows that each featured one of the principals involved in the March 8 incident that culminated in a simple battery charge for Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski was set to appear on The O’Reilly Factor, but then executive producer Amy Sohnen issued the following statement: “Corey Lewandowski was booked exclusively for tonight’s show and the campaign subsequently cancelled his appearance.” Lewandowski was out.

And then Michelle Fields, who Lewandowski is charged with grabbing at the March 8 event, cancelled her scheduled appearance on The Kelly File, which directly follows The O’Reilly Factor.

“Fields was supposed to join us tonight, but decided not to appear,” said host Megyn Kelly at the end of the show. “I spoke with her earlier and one thing is clear: Michelle Fields feels very much under attack. She stands by her story. And she wants not to be the news, but to be covering it.”

Ben Shapiro, Fields’ former Breitbart colleague who, like Fields, resigned in protest earlier this month, appeared on Kelly’s show as scheduled.

“I mean, look. Lying liars lie,” he begins. “And this is the Trump campaign, where lies are told, and lies are told to cover up the lies, and finally new lies are told in order to cover up the lies that were told about the lies.”

He continues:

“Their story has evolved from Corey Lewandowski never touched Michelle Fields to well, she sort of had it coming, that’s the new take. She sort of had it coming because she clearly was in a position to hurt Donald Trump so Corey Lewandowski ought to have a medal of honor for jumping in and defending his boss, by the way, who was surrounded there by Secret Service who do nothing because Michelle Fields is obviously no threat to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a smoking garbage heap of human debris, and so is Corey Lewandowski, in my opinion.”

See the full segment below.