Ben Lyons Digs On Movies … And Might Be Interested In Our Sister, Too

E! Online has launched a few new columns meant to appeal to men — you’ve heard of men, right? Those creatures with pendulous parts that wouldn’t be caught dead reading a celeb site?

Well, those clever E! folk may just have found their man-bait: Ben Lyons, son of Jeffrey, grandson of Leonard, has joined on as the company’s “resident film expert.”

His speech is peppered with shouts of allegiance to the Knicks and street lingo of his own invention, but he is one of the most affable interviewers we’ve ever seen. He’s got the kind of charm that makes you wish you could hang out with him. Maybe go clubbing. Introduce him to your sister.

Here’s what Ben has to say about being Ben:

1. Where did you grow up? (We’re trying to place the accent/diction)

I was born and raised in the heart of New York City. Nothing beats growing up in Manhattan; the belly of the beast. I feel like I have seen and done it all, and I’m just getting started. I sold out and moved to LA about a year ago, and while I’m happy living the dream out here, it will never be home. I still have my NY Post delivered to the house and I watch about 65-70 Knicks games a year. You can take the kid out of New York, but never the New York out of the kid.

2. What were you doing before you got the Lyon’s Den gig?

I feel like I’ve lived several lives in the industry before E! gave me the chance of a lifetime. After high school I worked at Duck Down Records, an indy Hip Hop label, then at Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records, then at William Morris where I’m now a client, I produced and directed music videos and mobile content, wrote for YRB and 944 magazines, consulted for companies like X Box and GMC, as well as producing a syndicated TV show called Hip Hop Nation. After making a hosting reel, I got my first on-air job at 22 on MTV, and worked freelance at NBC, MSNBC, and a short stint on Access Hollywood before finally finding a home at E!

3. Who has been your best/favorite person to interview so far?

Everyone has been really dope to sit down and talk with, but my favorites are Shia LaBouf, Julia Stiles, and the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. Shia and Julia are just normal people, really focused and passionate about their work, and a pleasure to kick it with. As far as the Bev cast, I was just really, really star struck.

4. Are you single?

I don’t really feel comfortable commenting on my personal life. I never dig into the off screen lives of the people I interview, so I feel odd discussing my own situation. I’m very happy right now….

5. Are you interested in dating our sister who is, like, totally hot?

Absolutely. Tell her I’m ten numbers away.