Northwestern Journalism Grad Racks Up Major ‘Cheezburger’ Cash

Born in South Korea and raised in Sacramento, 33-year-old Ben Huh (pictured) is currently sitting pretty (or perhaps more accurately in terms of his website empire’s parlance, “kitty”). He became a U.S. citizen last year and this weekend, it was announced that the one-time managing editor of the Daily Northwestern has raised $30 million to expand his already profitable Seattle web content company Pet Holdings Inc.

The irony from a journalism grad POV is that the anchor URL for Huh’s family of comedy websites – – breaks a number of grammatical and spelling rules. Part of the new cash will go to pay off original investors while another chunk will underwrite hires such as a Reporter-Moderator:

This position will report to the Editor-in-Chief.

What you will be doing: Scouring the Internet for timely images and videos for your specific sites; Writing titles and blurbs; Answering customer service emails; Screening incoming submissions (weed out X-rated or unsavory content); Moderation of comments (spams, trolls, etc.)

The new funding came together last fall after Huh connected at a Twiistup conference in LA with Boulder, CO based Foundry Group honcho Brad Feld. The nearly dozen Cheezburger sites include the showbiz flavored pair and