Ben & Jerry’s asks you to “Donate” your Unused Twitter Characters

World Fair Trade Day is next Saturday May 14th, and to get the word out Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is asking you to “donate” your unused Twitter characters. Will you participate?

By visiting, you can send a tweet and Ben & Jerry’s will donate any remaining characters you have left over to fair trade awareness.

Depending on how many characters you have left after writing out your tweet, messages like the following will be attached to the end of it:

“Don’t waste your unused Twitter characters. Use them to promote World #FairTrade Day on May 14. #FairTweets [URL]”

“My leftover Twitter characters are supporting #FairTrade Day. #Fair Tweets [URL]”

“Tweet fair, buy fair. #FairTweets [URL]”

“Buy fairly #FT”

So far, over 100,000 characters have been donated to the cause.

If you want to send fair trade tweets from wherever you are, they also offer Firefox and Chrome extensions.

Ben & Jerry’s was the first major ice cream company to commit to using fair trade certified ingredients, so it makes sense that they’d be behind this awareness campaign.

Senior Global Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, Noelle Pirnie, explains a bit about the program:

“Just like putting together good combinations for our flavors, our goal was to combine a popular social media tool with our effort to educate about Fair Trade. We’ve heard how easy it has been for our fans to participate and that they better understand how their purchases help make it possible to support these farmers throughout the world.”

How do you feel about this awareness campaign? Would you consider donating your unused tweets to raise awareness for fair trade?

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