Ben Forgey Retiring

Ben Forgey, who has been the Washington Post’s architecture critic since 1981, will retire June 2. We have no idea if it’s because he’s disgusted with the look of the new Nationals stadium.

“We are very sad to announce that Ben Forgey, who has been the Post’s architecture critic since August 1981, will retire on June 2.

Few people know more about the architecture of the city and no one has done more to explain this complex subject to the public. For 25 years Ben’s Cityscape column has detailed the transformation of the city, the reshaping of the Mall, the construction of the Vietnam Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, the aborted Frank Gehry addition to the Corcoran and many more. In the past five years, he has written the story of how fear of terrorists has cast a shadow across Washington, from the bunker-like FBI building to the shutdown of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Style will miss him enormously, as will The Post’s readers.”