Ben Domenech Resigns

We kind of saw this one coming–but sorry it came while we were out for lunch.

Jim Brady today announced Ben Domenech’s “resignation” from his days old “Red America” blog.

Reason? Plagiarism.

    When we hired Domenech, we were not aware of any allegations that he had plagiarized any of his past writings. In any cases where allegations such as these are made, we will continue to investigate those charges thoroughly in order to maintain our journalistic integrity.

Smart of Brady to nip this in the bud before more examples surfaced. But a few questions still remain:

  • What is Domenech’s future at his other jobs? Does Regnery want a plagiarist on staff? Will Domenech go back to

  • How does Brady explain opening a blog without comments?

  • Will the Post keep the name/blog “Red America”? Or start again uner a different name?

  • There were objections to Domenech’s hiring even before the plagiarism examples were found. Will the Post approach the next one differently and with those objections in mind?

    As David Brock notes:

      [S]erious questions remain about why he was originally hired. The Post still needs to explain why a partisan operative who admits he is not a journalist and who has a history of racially charged rhetoric, homophobic bigotry, and serial plagiarism was given a platform on in the first place. We look forward to a full explanation of these and related issues by the Post.