Believe It or Not, There Are Things to Do in the Sleepy Hamlet That Is New York


We here at UnBeige have enough trouble figuring out the simple things, like tying our shoes or remembering our own web address (we try and recall that it rhymes with “nun cage”). So it goes without saying that, even though we don’t live in New York, we are appreciative of people like Michael Surtees and his recently launched “Vague Title of Design: Stuff To Do, See and Hear” site, which seeks to key you in on all the design-related events going on in NY. He’s just been at it for a week, but already he’s got a growing list of good stuff going on that we’re really sad we’re not going to. But if you live in the city and you’re around, consider this a life-changing post, wherein you start going out more and transform yourself into a socialite among the elite of the design community. Or something.