Twitter CEO Says Being In Charge Is For The Birds – Psychologically Damaged Birds

Think you have what it takes to run Twitter?

Sure you have some awesome ideas about how Twitter should use direct messages and ways it could grant free hippy-like API access and such, but unless you have nerves of steel, like making people debate and are okay with living every day knowing “no one is going to like you”- then maybe you don’t have the chops to lead Twitter. And maybe you can’t be a CEO at all! How sad for you.

That sad little bit was quoted from Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, not me, by the way – I think he seems perfectly likable. Though his eyes DO look a little crazy in some pics.

Costolo was on stage for Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference in San Francisco and Business Insider was there summing up his observations around CEO-ship and why he thinks the job is “psychologically damaging.”

The list (which you can find in full here) includes things like forcing people to disagree, being judged yet unable to sympathize with others who are feeling frowny face – and the biggee mentioned above: That no one is going to like you. Managing by trying to be liked is the path to ruin,” according to Costolo.

But we find that hard to believe coming from a place that makes hilarious Join The Flock recruiting videos:

What do you think though – is it true that no one likes CEOs? Or maybe they just don’t like CEO at tech companies . . .

(Crazy eyes image from Shutterstock)

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