Behind the Scenes At The Chris Matthews Show

Chris took a look back at some highlights from his show’s four years on his latest show:

    With this show we inaugurated our fifth year of something a bit different in broadcast news. What makes us unique is the way we put the whole thing together. First, we invite real news people to our panels. One thing I’ve learned from other public affairs shows is that people like me love to hear what real daily reporters have learned from the week. That’s why I love saying, “Tell me something I don’t know’ because I want to know.

    Second thing: As bad as things are in Iraq or in Washington, people on this set actually love getting together, matching wits and dare I saw, enjoying each other’s company. Here they are, doing just that:

    Mr. SAM DONALDSON: (From file footage) At the moment, he’s still the
    commander and chief. I’ve got to tell you, Chris, he’s from west Texas. When you see a rattlesnake on the trail, you pull out that gun and you go boom! Bap!

    CAMPBELL BROWN reporting:

    (From file footage) President Bush did something that he had failed to do at the first two debates, which is remind people generally that no matter what their concerns are about, they like this guy.

    Mr. CLARENCE PAGE: (From file footage) With the Bushes, what you see is what you get. Love them or hate them.

    Mr. HOWARD FINEMAN: (From file footage) I think the notion that the country might want to get past this double helix of Bushes and Clintons may be out there.

    MATTHEWS: (From file footage) What is a helix?

    Mr. FINEMAN: (From file footage) It’s a term from genetics.

    MATTHEWS: (From file footage) Speaking for the world, Katty Kay, you’re here on behalf of the world.

    Ms. KATTY KAY: (From file footage) I’ll speak for the whole world, why not?

    Ms. CYNTHIA TUCKER: (From file footage) There’s more than undertones of discomfort with Hillary among smart Democrats.

    Mr. DAN RATHER: (From file footage) President Bush spends some less time on his quote, “ranch” in Texas, some dispute whether it’s a ranch or just a truck garden, but nonetheless, he’ll spend far less…

    MATTHEWS: (From file footage) You got that in, didn’t you?

    ANDREA MITCHELL reporting:

    (From file footage) I don’t know if I’d call the secretary of state a big dog, but…

    MATTHEWS: (From file footage) Better than a small dog.

    Unidentified Reporter: (From file footage) Chris wants a cat fight.

    MATTHEWS: (From file footage) Is that a subjective or objective opinion?

    Mr. ANDREW SULLIVAN: (From file footage) Oh, everything I say is subjective.