Behind the Portera Doors Panel


A big thanks to folks at Portera Doors and Clifford PR for inviting us to take part in a superclassy panel with the best food we’ve ever been served at one of these things. Let’s just say you had us at the hand-cut fries served in those cute little paper cones.

Last night we discussed “How the internet has changed design” with the acclaimed designer Michael Berman (who you may know best from his turn on “Design Star“); the lovely Jade Chang, whose writing for Metropolis needs no introduction, nor does the fact that she won the Winterhouse Award for Design Writing and Criticism this year; and the delightful Anita Engs, who runs a site that will almost certainly be of use to all of you in the UnBeige world,, where modern furniture showrooms–and what they’re selling–can be searched and located regionally.

Speaking of showrooms, Portera has one of the most distinctive showrooms that we’ve ever seen, nestled a gorgeous historic building in the Playhouse District of Pasadena. They offer a collection of restored antique Spanish doors, so if you need a new set of 17th-century Andalusian doors that once adorned a Moorish temple–and we know you do–look no further.