Before You Get Drunk Visit Beer Suggest

beer_suggestThere’s something about summer that brings out the adventurous beer drinker in me. Don’t get me wrong, a cold suds hits the spot all year long, but the hot sun puts me in the mood to roll the dice on some different brews.

Now on the scene is BeerSuggest, a new wiki that informs users about everything beer related.

Covering over 4,363 beers and 1,154 breweries, you can research based on country, style, alcohol content, public rating and several pother criteria.

One neat the thing the site offers is a ‘related beers’ section where you can find beer that is similar to one you like. Tired of Corona? You might want to track down Jimmy “I’ll put my name on anything” Buffet’s brew Landshark.

If you choose to register, the wiki will track your beer preferences, offering similar suds along the way. A social network component lets you buddy up with peeps who enjoy similar drinks.

The site also keeps tabs on upcoming beer festivals and events.

A feature that I would love to see is a on-the-go access. A mobile beer guide that’s accessible from my mobile device would be ideal. That way, I can impress the group when I buy a round of that in-season microbrew.

Beer holds a special place in many people’s hearts. And now that the beloved beverage can potentially fuel vehicles, it might be a cure-all after all!