Been There, Snapped That: Find Great Photo-Taking Locations on Mobile

Been There Snapped That 650

Applits has released its newest app on iOS and Android devices: Been There, Snapped That. The app has a simple premise: to show users the best Flickr photos near them, along with directions to where those photos were taken, so users can recreate the same shots in the real world.

Been There, Snapped That allows users to browse Flickr archives based on their own location, or by searching for a particular city. iPhone photography buffs may want to search for an upcoming vacation spot, for instance, and plan a trip to scenic locations based on the photos they’ve found on Flickr. These Flickr images can be sorted based on “interestingness,” or date taken or uploaded.

Each image is listed alongside camera and settings info (where applicable), along with the number of views, comments and favorites the photo has received on Flickr.

If users find an image they’d love to recreate in the real world, they can hit the “Tap to Go There” button to see driving directions to the location in Apple Maps. There’s no guarantee photos haven’t been taken on someone’s private property, or even inside someone’s home, but in the case of public parks, museums and other locations, the app works well to create a checklist of visuals one wouldn’t want to miss.

Been There, Snapped That is available to download for free on iOS and Android. This isn’t Applits’ first photography app, as the company released its Best Shot social photography app in June.