Capcom’s Beeline Interactive Lights Up iPad with Glo Flo HD

Los Angeles-based Beeline Interactive, Capcom’s mobile subsidiary, has added a new puzzle app to its repertoire of games called Glo Flo HD. Released May 12th, the $1.99 title is the iPad rendition of the earlier released (May 5th) iPhone version. Though it is ranked, currently, at #90, on the top paid iPad apps list, the game has been highlighted as “new and noteworthy.”

This basic puzzle game has players draw lines to connect objects of the same color. Glo Flo may not look like the most difficult game on the market, but it is a nice change of pace from all of the physics-based puzzlers. Even though it looks easy, the puzzles do in fact grow more challenging about half-way through, assuming users ignore the game hint. It’s an amusing app that may not appeal to everyone, but is still fun in the right hands.

In Glo Flo, players are granted a rectangular space filled with pins and differently-colored, neon bugs. The idea is to connect all of the bugs of the same color by drawing a line between them. The catch, however, is that each line must follow the evenly spaced pins on the level, and no two lines, regardless of color, may ever cross. As such, users can erase drawn lines at any time as needed (and it will be needed).

Everything starts off easy enough, with small puzzle layouts and minimal bugs, but once users start to get to the puzzles around the level 20 and 30 mark (there are over 60 levels), the number of lines that players need to draw begins to increase dramatically. Where early puzzles may only task users with making one or two connections, eventually, they will begin asking for several more. Moreover, puzzles will also begin adding more similarly-colored bugs that need be connected.

The game incorporates a hint system that will show players one complete connection. Using this costs nothing, and more often than not, it grants enough insight so that the player can visually see where every other line should be drawn. Should one utilize this tool, then yes, Glo Flo is quite simple, but without it, gratifyingly challenging. That said, it is nice to have when one becomes utterly stumped.

The game also comes with a secondary timed mode called “Time Attack.” This mode works, more or less, the same as the puzzle mode, except that players attempt to score as many points as possible in 100 seconds. Players will be given increasingly harder puzzles to solve during this time period and will earn more points the more pins they touch with their connections. Moreover, bonuses are offered for hitting all of the pins and connecting lines with a special bug (a “Glow-Worm”) worth double points.

As this is score-based, Beeline Interactive would be remiss not to incorporate leaderboards. As such, Glo Worm comes with both Game Center and OpenFeint integrations. This also means that the game has unlockable achievements as well for both platforms.

As for the art, it’s worth noting that Glo Flo has a very tranquil feel to it. Everything is vibrant and colorful, hosting an almost painting-like style. The music comes with a cheerful, yet serene sound to it.

Overall, Glo Flo HD is a deceptively simple puzzle game, and as with past Beeline titles, such as Smurfs’ Village or Zombie Café, the quality meets expectations. Though it might seem easy at first, it’s a title that becomes gratifyingly challenging at later levels so long as users show restraint and avoid the hint option. In the end, Glo Flo, for either iOS device, is a quaint puzzle game that is certainly worth a try.

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